About Us

Manufacturer of light and heavy pipes and profiles

Mahour Machine Asia Co. (Privately Held Company)

Mahour Machine Asia Company was established in 2019 to produce various types of light and heavy pipes and profiles, produce open profiles in the first phase, with a nominal annual capacity of 100,000 tons, and was put into utilization at the beginning of 1400. In the first phase, the company’s products are used in various fields of metal products with high flexibility and lightweight, including the furniture industry, construction industry, domestic appliances industry, automobile apparatus industry, and all related industries at the national and international levels. Mahour machine Asia Company, with its advanced machinery and production lines, use of modern technology, efficient use of electricity and water resources, and observance of environmental protocols, has made sustainable production and development a priority of its activities.  In this regard, with continuous communication with its customers, the use of suggestions to improve the products to achieve success, and association in the development of the country, long-term planning is underway. To increase the satisfaction of domestic and international customers, the establishment of production process improvement systems based on national and international standards, the company has conducted extensive studies continuously.

Material Design90%
Quality of work100%
Customer Satisfaction95%
Full support90%
Excerpts of features of Mahour machine asia company:
  • Having advanced production lines with modern technology.
  • Using active specialists and experts in the field of open and close profiles.